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Title:   The Smashing Book
Author:   Various
Times Read:   1
Last Read:   02.09.10

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02.09.10 I've had Smashing Magazine on my list of RSS feeds for a while now and consistently find their daily articles well-written, nicely presented, and extremely useful. For web designers and developers, they are truly an invaluable resource. So when they released a book I bought it.

This book represents a basic bible of good design. Parts (chapters on typography and color theory) deal in areas where I've felt lacking due to formal education and now have a solid reference to turn back to whenever I need. A couple others (chapters on usability, interface design, and css layouts) were already familiar to me but now represent a collection of best practices that I can point to when arguing my points to bosses. Others chapters (establishing a brand, optimizing your site, increasing conversion rates) feel a little light (I wished they would've delved into more specifics when discussing search optimization for instance) but still proved interesting to read. All in all, about 75% of this book is phenomenal, with the remainder being still interesting enough to read. In my opinion, this should be on the desk of every web designer.

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