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Title:   Dead Until Dark
Author:   Charlaine Harris
Times Read:   1
Last Read:   08.01.10

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08.01.10 The first True Blood book. Molly is tearing through these so I thought it'd be interesting to check them out to see how the differences cut out. The net effect is pretty weird... mostly the book is all in Sookie's POV, so everything that happens to everyone else is only mentioned when they come into contact with Sookie. So I came away from this feeling like the first season of the show was very faithful to this book but then flushed out everyone else to the point where the book seems shallow.

Furthermore, there are several plot points that I think are handled better in the show. The whole murder mystery aspect is very secondary in the book - it reads to me more like a romance book than a mystery - and the ending is completely tidy and rushed and terrible. I didn't love the way the first season wound up with the whole faxing the police sketch thing but at least they gave it a little more time and attention than the book, which just thrusts the ending onto sookie and completely explains itself unbelievably...

So i'm reading the second now because i liked the second season of the show more than the first and i'm hoping the books get better as the show did, but i wasn't altogether happy with this one. The show definitely did a successfull adaptation to my mind.

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