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Title:   A Game of Thrones
Author:   George R. R. Martin
Times Read:   1
Last Read:   11.29.11

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- A Dance with Dragons
- A Feast for Crows
- A Storm of Swords

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11.29.11 The show really grew on me as the first season progressed so I got the box set for my Birthday. I decided to dive in for a winter's worth of high fantasy.

I think this is the first book where I feel like the it could just about be a novelization of the movie or show. There's so few things that the show didn't represent that I could count them practically on one hand. It's really amazing, both a testament to the show's faithfullness and Martin's eye for structure and drama that the book can be translated so directly. It made for kind of weird reading though since I knew exactly what would happen and pretty much in what order. It's a good book and I like that I now have a much firmer grasp on the geography and family history of each character (I'd like to watch the first season again now to see even more how little has changed), but it was kind of like a rerun. I rushed through it to get to the second book so I could read a fresh story before the second season comes on. My guess is that as the scope of the book expands, the show will have to condense more but we'll see. I wouldn't have thought an 800-page book could be so completely portrayed on screen. Winterfell!

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