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Title:   A Clash of Kings
Author:   George R. R. Martin
Times Read:   1
Last Read:   12.29.11

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- A Dance with Dragons
- A Feast for Crows
- A Game of Thrones
- A Storm of Swords

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12.29.11 Second Game of Thrones book and the first that I didn't see first as a show. I'm kind of amazed at how fast the last half went, considering it's almost a thousand-page book. What I'm not surprised at is how Martin constantly kills off characters that I've grown to like. It's weird how none of the antagonistic characters seem to die but almost everything that you like and hope for ends badly. Damn authors and their godlike powers. At one point I tried to skip ahead to see if what I was reading was actually true or not but forced myself to go back and just keep reading. damn Theon Greyjoy and his whole Iron Islands. I definitely loathe a few people but you know... surprisingly few. I think it's a testament to Martin's prowess with character that even the bad guys have their own reasons and most of the good guys are somewhat tainted. Maybe that's because if they were all good they'd be dead by now.

The book also does a great job with narrative perspective and driving home the fact that communication of big events travels rudimentarily and sometimes not at all. Remembering that some characters still think the world is one way when you've just read it change dramatically is pretty cool, as is the constant state of fear that these people could easily be lost at a moment's notice and no one would care. Furthermore, the reader himself is scared because at any time someone could mention that they heard that another character died since last we caught up with them. Just like the characters themselves, it's hard for the reader to believe some of the news that they receive.

Great book.

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