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Title:   A Storm of Swords
Author:   George R. R. Martin
Times Read:   1
Last Read:   02.02.12

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- A Dance with Dragons
- A Feast for Crows
- A Game of Thrones

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02.02.12 Third book in A Song of Ice and Fire and that series name finally makes sense. This one was pretty epic at over 1100 pages but really at this point, aside from the prologues and epilogues that slightly stray from the rest of the books' structure, all of these are seeming like one big long book to me now. The beginning of the next book felt like a continuation of the end of this just as the beginning of this felt like a continuation of the second book. Of course it still has climactic events and cliffhangers at the end but kind of every chapter ends with a cliffhanger so... the pages are just flying by.

I'm firmly entrenched now. I'm a fan. This book had some devastating surprises that, while reading the lead-up I almost expected because I knew things were going too well. Of course, it also has some good surprises too, but more often than not it seems like Martin is just twisting the knife more and more and the only good that happens is to make me root for a character that much more before he dies or gets tortured or whatever.

Considering how I've heard the next two books are really just halves of the same story, it seems to me that this book might stand as the pinnacle of the series just because it follows all the main characters and tells a grande complete chunk of the saga. It's also where the first inklings of how the series as a whole will might wrap up and gives the series a scope that until now had kind of been missing. Yes the first two books were good because the characters and world were good and Martin's plotting was great, but with this one I see the "Song" being formed and have a big enough understanding of ALL the characters to see who's playing for which team. It's very exciting.

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