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Title:   A Dance with Dragons
Author:   George R. R. Martin
Times Read:   1
Last Read:   03.29.12

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- A Clash of Kings
- A Feast for Crows
- A Game of Thrones
- A Storm of Swords

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03.29.12 Ahhh. I'm all caught up. Now begins the long wait for The Winds of Winter. The first thing I did after finishing this - before writing these notes even - was go online and read/listen to the two available chapters. It will be a long wait but I do have a few things (the remaining commentaries on the season 1 blus, season 2, and the new chapter that will be in the paperback version of this book (assuming it's not the one that he just read at TIFF)) to help tide me over. That, and reading 5 ~900 page books in a row kind of has me ready for a change.

This was my first book read on a kindle. Overall it was a mixed experience for me. The only real surprise is that I appreciated the backlit screen (kindle fire). Other than that, it was handy to not carry a thousand page hardback around but I don't like not having page numbers, the screen is too reflective for daylight reading, the battery only lasts about a week, and it's a bit weird to hold with the touch screen. And I probably checked the maps way less on this than i would with a paperback just because it was kind of a hassle to get there and back and the resolution on the map images wasn't great. Oh well.

Anyway, about the book itself: This definitely seems joined at the hip with the last one. That's to be expected considering how they were initially split off, but since this goes beyond where Feast ends it really minimizes Feast's placement in the series. It really seems like a half book. This one seems like a three-quarters book. Thankfully Martin included a few random chapters to catch up with most of the Feast characters but some of them were frustratingly spare (like Jaime and Brienne. ugh!) Still better than nothing I suppose, but I. WANT. MORE. NOW. Great series. This one really sets up the next book as being fantastic so let's hope it delivers.

At it stands, I feel like my enjoyment has been book 3, 2, 5, 4, and 1 doesn't really count because I saw the first season of the show before reading.

Ahhh, now the long wait begins.

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