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Title:   The Verdant Passage
Author:   Troy Denning
Times Read:   1
Last Read:   06.02.18

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- The Crimson Legion
- The Obsidian Oracle

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06.02.18 This is Book One in the Prism Pentad series of D&D Dark Sun novels. For whatever reason, I've been on a pretty big D&D nostalgia kick recently. A re-exploration of the Dark Sun campaign setting also ties into another project that I'm doing so I figured that reading these novels would be a good immersion in that world. A side effect is all the memories from high school that are attached to the first time I really got into this. I don't think I actually read this particular book back in the day though, so it's kind of a half-new, half-remembered trip for me.

The book itself, I'm surprised at how straight-forward and pulpy it is. I guess now that I've read the George R. R. Martin books and the world has embraced Game of Thrones levels of politics and grittiness in their fantasy, this book from the early 90s feels like it goes out of its way to seem extra brutal but comparatively it still feels a little young-adult. And you know, given the D&D branding, I'm not sure that wasn't what they were going after. Still, it was a quick and fun read and I'll probably read the rest of the series pretty quick. Unless I lose interest in all this D&D stuff.

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