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Title:   Call of Cthulhu: Keeper Rulebook
Author:   Various
Times Read:   1
Last Read:   09.05.19

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09.05.19 Since last year's foray into D&D, I've spent much of this year reading up on Call of Cthulhu's 7th Edition. Although I finished the rules portion a while ago and have been reading various scenarios since, i just finished the last scenario in the rulebook itself today, thus 100% completing it. I figured I might as well account for my time since I have a pile of novels waiting to be read and this journal has been silent.

I quite like the 7th edition rules. As a teen I played some 5th edition but (as a teen) never read the book cover-to-cover. As an adult, I found the rules, while a bit less elegant and showing their age more than D&D 5E's, to still be pretty easy to pick up and amenable to the game. I really enjoy the chase rules and that they'd put that much focus on this one thing tells me that the designers want chases in the game to be thrilling and fun. Probably because combat, while a little easier than it used to be, is still very deadly. I do think some of the monster stats and spells get a little loose with their consistency. Probably because they don't really matter, and the two scenarios they chose are not the best for beginners (they did a much better job with the Starter Kit in that regard), but overall I found the book to be fun to read. Lots of good art (for the most part), got me super psyched to actually play. Now it'll feel weird going back to reading normal stuff.

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