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Title:   Desert Star
Author:   Michael Connelly
Times Read:   1
Last Read:   12.01.22

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12.01.22 Another year, another Michael Connelly book like clockwork. I think Connelly's presence is actually at an all-time high with both Bosch: Legacy and Lincoln Lawyer getting season 2s next year, but the old dogs are still drown to his books.

This one, like all others, almost reads on autopilot it's so clear and concise. Lots of procedural sprinkled with standard Connelly characters, like hanging out with old friends again. I do appreciate Connelly's choice to age Bosch in realtime (I heard the Sue Grafton series took place in realtime so A for Alibi started contemporary but Z for Whatever wound up being 20 years in the past because book-time didn't go as fast), but the inevitable corner that paints him in is his age. Each book makes it harder and harder to explain why he'd be solving murders as an old guy in his 70s, but this book starts to address that so each book from now on will carry that undercurrent of when it will be the FINAL Bosch book... unless Connelly kicks it first.

In any case, I liked the story of this one. Connelly's so adept at plot delivery that there are like 3 cases going on in this one and the crossover is pretty messy since there's also 2 protagonists. It gives it a more authentic vibe where everything's coming at you at once, but never so much as to be confusing. It's true that after almost 40 of them these are all running together in my mind, but I think this one is pretty good.

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