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Title:   Hail to the Chin
Author:   Bruce Campbell
Times Read:   1
Last Read:   05.15.23

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- The Cool Side of My Pillow
- Make Love the Bruce Campbell Way

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05.15.23 A long time ago, I think before this journal started, I read Bruce Campbell's memoir called If Chins Could Kill. Basically all I remember of that was that I inhaled it in one or two long sittings. I was back home at the time suffering from my 'pre-life crisis" and my sleep schedule was all messed up and I remember reading like 80% of that book over the course of one night laying in bed. The language was so conversational and true to his voice and there were so many pictures with clever captions, it really felt like Bruce was right there reading it inside my head.

I read it in hardcover but a year later I got a signed copy in paperback from my friend Jim, so I still have two copies of it on my bookshelf (like I will soon have two copies of this book because pictures suck on kindle). A couple years pass and Bruce is at the Alamo doing an event and signing copies of his new book: Make Love the Bruce Campbell Way. Being a good friend, I bought two copies and got one signed for Jim to return the favor.

The second book, unbeknownst to me at the time of purchase, was not an instructional manual / memoir but rather a novel where a fictional version of Bruce somehow turns a Mike Nichols film into a B-Movie. It's very goofy and I bet my notes on reading it are on here to keep me honest. I remember liking it alright but being disappointed at the same time.

Almost 20 later, My dnd friends are chit chatting at the beginning of our seasion and Bruce comes up. We talk about how good his book was and I mention that he wrote a second one but it's not a memoir like the first. Looking it up on Amazon, lo and behold what's this? Further confessions of a B-Movie actor? Immediate purchase.

This one took me slightly longer to get through than the first. I'm older now and my life is busier, so it took almost a week to race through this which picks up right where the last one left off and brings us up to just shy of the pandemic in Bruce's life and career. Just like the first one, the words fly off the page at the pace of Bruce's vocal cadence and it's all over much too soon. Good thing he has another book of essays waiting on deck.

To state the obvious, I liked this a lot. I saw him again at the Alamo back in 2005 for The Man with the Screaming Brain and I watched a few seasons of Burn Notice because he was in that but largely I haven't kep up with his career since then. After reading this I'm going to get caught up on the Evil Dead remake and show and new one that just played sxsw. I need some more Bruce in my cinematic diet.

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