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Title:   The Cool Side of My Pillow
Author:   Bruce Campbell
Times Read:   1
Last Read:   06.01.23

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- Hail to the Chin
- Make Love the Bruce Campbell Way

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06.01.23 subtitled "A Book of Essays" this is Bruce expounding on random topics rather than recounting his past. It's significantly shorter than his other books (at around 140 pages), self-published, and (I'm guessing) written during 2020 pandemic lockdown.

Some of these chapters are fun (the last one in the book where he recounts many/all of his celebrity run-ins being the best), but some are kinda random and borderline preachy (telling the truth is good, m'kay). Still, it was a light breezy read that still felt like hanging out with him for a couple hours which is fun.

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