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Title:   Crime Beat
Author:   Michael Connelly
Times Read:   1
Last Read:   07.04.23

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07.04.23 This is, I think, the last book of Connelly's that I hadn't read so it feels good to check that off the list. This is a non-fiction book, really a collection of Connelly's journalism pieces writing for Florida and LA newspapers. As such, I didn't really have a ton of interest in this but since I got it as a gift the completionist in me thought it would be worthwhile.

It's as you would expect with a collection of newspaper reportage: pretty dry, lots of facts presented in newspaper-type sentence structures. Some chapters collect follow-up stories together so you get a decent amount of repetition as well as the years go by between a crime happening, a suspect being arrest, and the court case ending. In some cases, small notes are added giving us some kind of closure by telling us the ultimate outcome of the case. This is what I wanted more of. It's obvious that many of these cases were chosen for inclusion because they represent seeds of Connelly's novels, but it's also kinda obvious to me that this was a freebie book delivery to the publisher. Connelly writes a short preface but the rest is just the articles. It would've been great to get a little commentary after each chapter with some reflections or something, i dunno. Since the plots of most of his novels blur together for me, I also could've used a bit more hand-holding to connect the dots more explicitly. As it is, it was a bit dry for me. But like I said, I'm glad to check it off the list.

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