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Title:   Holly
Author:   Stephen King
Times Read:   1
Last Read:   11.18.23

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Date Read Note
11.18.23 I think this is the sixth book/story with the character of Holly Gibney. I feel like Mr. Mercedes was King trying to do a detective kind of like Michael Connelly but instead of that character Bill, it's Holly that's become the ongoing protagonist.

This one is like 100% dramatic irony. We're let in on who the killers are and more or less what they're doing very early then the whole book is watching Holly connect the dots an hoping she winds up ok... except we know she winds up ok because it's clear that King loves this character. If she was going to die she would've died in End of Watch. So without the threat of a "bad" ending, this is kinda just an ok thriller written in typical top-form readable King prose. I enjoyed reading it to be sure, but it wasn't what I'd call scary or horrific in any way. I think I did like it more than Fairy Tale... yeah, for sure I liked it more than that. But I think The Outsider still stands as his most recent best.

Also, remember when he said he was gonna retire? that was like 20 years ago now and he's written 30 books since. lol

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