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Title:   It
Author:   Stephen King
Times Read:   1
Last Read:   11.23.05

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11.23.05 So what have I been reading for the past three months? Stephen King's IT: the first really adult book I ever read. It also started my eventual path to reading all of King's stuff but since I read this one so early and had such an obsession with it I always held this up as my favorite of his. So, not wanting to spend any more money on books for a while, I picked this up and decided to re-read it to see how much I remembered and if it still got under my skin like it did when I was 12 or whatever... It was most surprising to me that certain things that have always stuck in my mind about the book were actually just single sentences buried deep in random chapters; things that i thought were like major points of the book were just throwaway references or something like that. My biggest memories of the book were all like that...

Another big surprise with this book is that King tells you everything that happens before it actually happens. He'll mention something once or twice in passing then get around to writing about it maybe a hundred pages later, so the net effect is that this book is not a page-turner like The Stand but more of an atmospheric character piece. I think it's designed to take a long time to read so you feel like you actually live with these kids and hang out with them. It's the perfect book to read when you want to spend a few months not buying any more books.

When I was a kid I was obsessed with this book. When it came out and my mom read it, I would constantly ask her to tell me what's happening in the part she was at. The little green claw coming out of the sewer grabbing the paper boat on the front cover completely grabbed me as well and I was astonished at this huge insurmountable mountain of reading. I remember thinking when I read it the first time that there was no actual green claw anywhere in the book and that kind of pissed me off. There was a few sex scenes though which I didn't mind at all.

So how does it stack up today now that I've read the rest of his stuff? I still love it. I have the crappy TV miniseries at the top of my netflix queue because I want to see it again. I still remembered all the characters first and last names but was pleasantly surprised to find a whole layer of things that I either forgot or missed or wasn't mature enough to understand the first time around. Yeah, I think it's still my favorite of his, followed by 'salem's Lot and maybe Pet Sematary. Dig it.

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